Where to Apply for The X Factor Australia auditions 2022-23 ?

In the era of Reality Tv shows & singing cometetions, The X Factor Australia has made an immense presence in Australian subcontinent. People love to watch this most popular musical competetion as till now the show has produced number of musical superstars. The individuals willing for X Factor Australia auditions,we have a good news for you as the X Factor Australia auditions 2022-23 are now open & all the details regarding the auditions are given below.

About the X Factor Australia Auditions 2022-23

The X Factor Australia is a reality music show on Australian TV that is based on the original UK show and looks for new singers. On February 6, 2005, Network Ten showed the first episode of the show’s first season. Due to low ratings, Ten stopped showing The X Factor Australia after the first season.

The Seven Network bought the rights to the show in 2010, and a second season was made.
After Australian Idol, which was very popular, stopped airing on Network Ten, The X Factor was given another season. Fremantle Media Australia made The X Factor, and it was shown on the Seven Network in Australia and on TV3 in New Zealand. After its eighth season, the show was cancelled in 2016.

Who are the Judges for X Factor Australia Auditions 2022 ?

X Factor Australia Judges
Mark Holden
Kate Ceberano
John Reid
Guy Sebastian
Natalie Imbruglia
Ronan Keating
Kyle Sandilands
Natalie Bassingthwaighte
Mel B
Dannii Minogue
James Blunt
Chris Isaak
Iggy Azalea
Adam Lambert
X Factor Australia Judges

In 2005, Mark Holden, Kate Ceberano, and John Reid were the first judges on the panel. When the show came back in 2010, Natalie Imbruglia, Ronan Keating, Kyle Sandilands, and Guy Sebastian took over as the judges. Imbruglia and Sandilands did not come back for the third season. Instead, Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Mel B took their places. Sebastian and Mel B were replaced by Redfoo and Dannii Minogue in the fifth season.

In the seventh season, Keating, Bassingthwaighte, and Redfoo were replaced by James Blunt and Chris Isaak. Sebastian also came back to the panel at the same time. For season eight, there will be more changes to the judging panel, as Minogue has said that she will be leaving. On June 12, 2016, it was said that Iggy Azalea would be a judge in the eighth season. Later, it was announced that Adam Lambert would be joining the judges, along with Guy Sebastian and Mel B, who would both be back as judges for the underdogs.

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X Factor Australia Winners

SeasonX Factor Australia WinnersRunner Up
1RandomRussell Gooley
2Altiyan ChildsSally Chatfield
3Reece MastinAndrew Wishart
4Samantha JadeJason Owen
5Dami ImTaylor Henderson
6Marlisa PunzalanDean Ray
7Cyrus VillanuevaLouise Adams
8Isaiah FirebraceDavey Woder
X Factor Australia Winners

Random, Altiyan Childs, Reece Mastin, Samantha Jade, Dami Im, Marlisa Punzalan, Cyrus Villanueva, and Isaiah Firebrace are the eight people who have won. Winners got a recording contract with Sony Music Australia, which is a record label.

The winner of season three also got a management contract, and the winner of season four got a Nissan Dualis car. Only Mastin, Jade, and Isingles m’s have made it to number one on the ARIA Singles Chart. A number of other contestants who have been on The X Factor have also put out hit singles.

The show has won and been nominated for a lot of awards and honours, including five Logie Award nominations and one win for Most Outstanding Light Entertainment Program.

X Factor Australia Format of the show

The main goal of The X Factor was to find good singers based on their looks, personalities, and stage presence. There were also dance routines that were important parts of many shows. During the live shows, the judges helped the contestants in their category choose songs, style themselves, and set up their performances. They also judged contestants from other categories. Each judge was given a category for each season, and they each mentored three acts.

All three acts spent the same amount of time with their mentor. Each of the 12 acts also had time in the studio with their mentor to work on their act. If a solo artist wasn’t good enough, the judges would sometimes put together a group of solo artists who could make a great band. Only in season 6, a “wildcard” was added to add one more act to the live shows, making the total number of finalists 13 instead of 12.

X Factor Australia audition process

Months before The X Factor started airing, the first auditions were held in front of the show’s producers. Anyone could go to the open auditions, which weren’t shown on TV. The people who did well at their auditions were asked to come back for the last round, which was held in front of the show’s judges and a live audience.

If there were three judges present at the auditions, the act needed at least two “yes” votes; if there were four judges present, it needed three “yes” votes. The judges’ auditions took place at certain times and places in some of Australia’s biggest cities, and they were shown on TV during the first few weeks of The X Factor Australia.

The show was open to solo performers and vocal groups who were at least 14 years old, but there was no upper age limit. Only a few of the auditions in front of the judges were shown on TV. These were usually the best, worst, and most unusual ones. During the first season of The X Factor, each act went into an audition room and sang their chosen song to the judges without any instrumental music playing in the background.

How to apply for X Factor Australia auditions 2022 ?

To fill out the X Factor Australia application form, all participants must go to the official website.
The participants need to fill out all the necessary information, like their name, date of birth, age, gender, address, etc.

  • The name, phone number, and email address of the parent or legal guardian must also be filled out. Participants under 18 are required to do this (below 18 years).
  • After filling out the form, participants in this programme can then choose how they want to audition.
  • You can either send in a video or show up in person for the audition.
  • The vocal audition video you send in should show how good your voice is and how well you can sing. The video should be in the format that the website says it should be in.

Please read the official Terms and Conditions before sending in the application form, as breaking them could get you kicked out of the competition.

X Factor Australia eligibility critera

  • Participants must meet the following requirements to be able to join The X Factor in 2023:
  • This contest is only for people who can sing.
  • The person should be at least 16 years old.
  • The participant must be a UK citizen or a legal permanent resident of the UK, and they must be able to work full time in the UK or the Republic of Ireland.
  • Participants under the age of 18 must have permission from a parent or guardian to send an audition application.
  • Participants under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian with them at the audition and registration.
  • At the first round of auditions, applicants will need to show proof of age and identification. Those under 18 will also need a school absence.
  • Directors, employees, officers, or members of their immediate families, as well as anyone with ties to the production house, are not allowed to apply for X Factor australia 2023.

X Factor australia applications 2023

The X Factor australia auditions 2023 are a key step in the process of choosing who will move on. The audition videos posted on their official website are looked at carefully, and only a small number of people are asked to audition in person.

Those who chose an in-person audition will have to show up in the cities they chose. Right now, the locations, dates, and times for registration and auditions are all tentative. Check our website or the official website DAILY for the most up-to-date information on registration and auditions.

The people who want to be on the show have to go through two auditions: one with the producers and one with the judges. After passing these two stages, the contestant goes to bootcamp, where they go through a series of challenges and knockout rounds until they reach the Live Show (i.e., The Finals).

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